Korean Text to Speech with Google Voice MP3 (TTS 프로그램)

Daftar isi [Tampil]
Korean has never been more accessible! 

This newest technology converts Korean text into an easily understandable voice. This adds variety to your daily reading as the speech is a different tone and timbre than one you are used to when reading for a long time. 
korean text to speech program
korean text to speech program

Clear, dynamic quality of sound can make even difficult passages of text enjoyable; it’s almost like having someone read them aloud with you. It’s also fun to change the rate at which spoken words come out or rewind dialogue so that you can hear what was said over again - great for students looking for quick review in between work commitments! Stress from low comprehension may be eliminated thanks to this product’s use, giving you more productivity and less frustration through language.

Korean Text to Speech (구글 TTS)

How to change any Korean text into Google voice with the voice of Korean people in MP3 format:
  1. Prepare writing or text in Korean language
  2. Press button Convert to voice
  3. Click the blue download icon
  4. Click the three dots on the right side of audio player
  5. Select Download to save the mp3 file
Text to speech
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Voice of text for Korean language

Korean voices are finally on your mobile devices with Voiceoftext.com. This text-to-speech converter features the voice of young Korean men from Google Translate, free for personal and commercial use. Up to 200 characters can be converted at a time.

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