Indian Bengali Text to Speech MP3 with Google Voice (বক্তৃতা পাঠ্য)

Daftar isi [Tampil]

Indian Bengali Text to Speech

The easiest way to convert Bengalis writing into Google Translate voice in MP3 format. With this Google voice generator, you can download Bengali voices from Google Translate using Google's text-to-speech engine with Natural Neural Network Technology.

Our service is developed for free and ready to use for commercial and non-commercial purposes. Following the conditions set by the Google Translate app, you can only convert text to voice with a maximum limit of 200 characters.

Text to speech

How to Use Bengali TTS

How to convert Bengali text into speech with this voice mp3 downloader:

  1. Prepare writing or text in Bengalis language
  2. Press button Convert to voice
  3. Click the blue download icon
  4. Click Play to listen and use the three dots to download
  5. Select Download and save the mp3 file
Bengalis text to speech
Bengali text to speech

This bangla text to female voice online (বাংলা TTS) is a development of the sound of text app that allows users to download voices from Google Translate in multiple languages options. You are free to use the mp3 that you have downloaded on this page. Just to make sure that you own the text and no infringing other people intellectual property rights.

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